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  • The Infiorata of Noto
    19 May
    21 May

    The Infiorata of Noto


    2024 will be the year of the 45th edition of the highly anticipated Infiorata di Noto. On the third weekend in May, precisely between Friday 17 and Tuesday 21, Corrado Nicolaci Street, a short walk from the Cathedral, will be transformed into a huge floral painting for an explosion of colors and scents.

    Noto (SR)

  • The Devils' Ball
    31 March
    31 March

    The Devils' Ball


    Between the sacred and the profane, the Dance of the Devils in Prizzi, in the province of Palermo, is one of the most characteristic representations of Easter, the most important feast in Sicily, celebrated throughout the island with processions by the confraternities that are no less than those of Spain. Participating in this event, for a Roots traveler, means immersing oneself in ancient folk traditions that have lived on for centuries, meeting local elders, and taking a full immersion in dialect.

    Prizzi (PA)

  • The Easter Arches of San Biagio Platani
    31 March
    31 March

    The Easter Arches of San Biagio Platani


    Everything is strictly made from nature's products, from the weaving of willows and reeds to the mosaics of legumes and grains...

    San Biagio Platani (AG)

  • Villages of Treasures Fest 2024
    10 May
    26 May

    Villages of Treasures Fest 2024


    From the mountains, from the sea, from the land, climbing a rock, immersed in wheat fields. Fifty small Sicilian municipalities will come alive for three weekends in spring, thanks to the Borghi dei Tesori Fest, which-in celebration of the Year of Roots-will be called Borghi dei Tesori Roots Fest, offering a series of experiences related to the discovery of the most authentic traditions and places of emigration.

    Palermo (PA)

  • The Ways of Treasures Festival
    14 September
    03 November

    The Ways of Treasures Festival


    Hundreds of Sicily's treasures opened, animated and networked, and strong community involvement. A re-appropriation opportunity for citizens, an extraordinary event for tourists.

    Palermo (PA)


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"U Muzzuni", the oldest popular festival in Italy in Alcara Li Fusi

The “Muzzuni” festival is a festival of ancient tradition, which can be traced back to the Hellenic civilization, a legacy of an ancient propitiatory rite for the fertility of the land linked to the peasant world. It was originally celebrated on June 21 for the summer solstice, the brightest day of the year. With the […]

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In San Piero Patti, in the church of the patron saint, everyone with their noses in the air

  In Piazza Gorgone, in the village of San Piero Patti full of hidden treasures, there is a beautiful small church that bears the name of Santa Maria Assunta, patron saint of the village. It is accessed by an imposing stone staircase and houses the statues of St. Peter, the co-patron Saint Blaise, and Maria […]

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Borghi dei Tesori Roots Festival, 46 small municipalities to discover the roots

From 10 May, three weekends to discover places, traditions, routes, recipes, artisans from one end of Sicily to the other. It is the fourth edition of the Borghi dei Tesori Roots Festival, this year brought forward in spring and linked to the Year of Roots Tourism, a project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through […]

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